How do I troubleshoot MMD Composer?

09/24/2011 13:59:53
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MultiMarkdown Composer for Mac

If you have any difficulties with MultiMarkdown Composer, there are a few things you can do.

MultiMarkdown composer for iOS

Enabling the “Advanced->Troubleshooting” preference is not recommended during normal use, but can be useful when you experience problems. Currently it does the following:

If you get the message, “MultiMarkdown was unable to parse this file”, it means that something about your file was not quite “valid” MultiMarkdown syntax. MMD tries to process it for a few seconds, but then times out if it runs into trouble. Usually, this has to do with improper or unusual use of ‘*’, quotes, or apostrophes. Sometimes it can just be an unusual document that gives MMD trouble. If this occurs, feel free to post to the MMD discussion list to get help. This is not a problem with Composer, but rather that your document is not compatible with MMD.

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