How do I change the sync method for Composer for iOS?

05/15/2012 20:53:07
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Composer for iOS is not designed to switch back and forth between different sync methods. But, sometimes you change your mind and need to switch from Dropbox to iCloud, and vice-versa.

WARNING: Please be sure to backup your data before doing this. A problem during the process could lead to lost, and potentially unrecoverable, data.

The recommended method of changing sync modes is the following:

  1. Fully sync your current data to your computer
  2. Make a backup copy of the data
  3. Change Settings->Synchronization to ‘None’
  4. Toggle Advanced->Delete All Local Files to “On”. Setting this will delete all the notes from your copy of the app (not the server) after you restart Composer.
  5. Exit Composer
  6. Double press the Home Button and kill the running copy of Composer
  7. Relaunch Composer - all notes will be removed
  8. If you are enabling Dropbox, be sure that Advanced->Dropbox Link Folder is set to the path of your desired folder. The default is ‘Composer’, but you can use any folder in your Dropbox folder
  9. Change Settings->Synchronization to the desired synchronization method
  10. Wait until your notes sync to the new folder, and you are good to go!

It is possible to switch without wiping all existing notes, but if the new sync folder is not empty, you may lose data as the app tries to resync to the new folder.

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