Why are my non-ASCII characters not showing up properly in HTML or RTF output?

10/27/2011 16:29:20
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Note: — This page refers to MultiMarkdown Composer version 1. It does not apply to version 2.

MultiMarkdown can create two forms of HTML documents — complete documents, and snippets. In order to properly display non-ASCII characters (e.g. ü, é, 貫, ρ), you must generate a complete document. To do this, simply include some metadata at the top of your document (e.g. Title: Sample Document).

Because an RTF document is made from an HTML document, the same thing applies when creating RTF documents.

LaTeX documents are entirely different - most characters will work as is, but some languages (e.g. Greek) require additional setup. If you’re having trouble with this, your best bet is a combination of the MultiMarkdown discussion list or searching the internet for LaTeX discussion lists. We can’t provide support for the LaTeX program and its multitude of packages.

(This document was created with Composer and MultiMarkdown, so it does work. :)

Note: Composer for iOS does not (currently) support converting directly to RTF, but it does support HTML and LaTeX. There is a setting within the app to always generate a complete document, even when no metadata is included. This setting exists so that previews of documents that include non-ASCII characters will work properly on iOS devices.

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